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Charged With Theft?

Get a top-of-the-line former state public defender to represent you in propcrime!

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Charged With Theft?

Get a top-of-the-line former state public defender to represent you in property crime!

Don't know what to do when charged with Theft?

Get all the latest updates on criminal defense and the best advice on your action  post conviction. Tangi Carter brings you straightforward advice on criminal defense.

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Don’t gamble and settle for less when your reputation is at stake. Our legal team possesses over 50 years of combined experience in legal defense.

larceny or grand larceny

Larceny and Grand larceny in Mississippi make you liable for imprisonment for not less than five years following a fine of the value of $1000. So, it is necessary to have attorneys at your side who are masters in protecting you from heavy financial and timely losses. Our team with a demonstrated knowledge of larceny defense utilizes the court’s advantages to bring the most favorable results for you.


Felonious stealing of personal property makes you guilty as a theft offender making you responsible for spending 6 months in county Jail. That also follows with a fine of $1000. So, you require attorneys who can make that much-needed difference in your results with an aggressive approach. At the Law Firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A., we don't hesitate to assess and challenge the evidence to defend your rights.


Do you know shoplifting is a criminal offense that can put you behind bars for not less than 6 months? If you don't want to spend your valuable time inside custody, you need a defense attorney at your side sooner. Our firm represents you immediately to mitigate your charges and uses the courts best advantage in your favor to draw results in your favor.

Grandt theft auto

Mississippi’s Motor Vehicle laws for theft can have a fatal impact on your financial life and career. That state has an enhanced penalty for such felonious crimes. Don't put your freedom at stake. Call The Law Firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A., as we know what complexities Grand Theft Auto charge brings. We don’t let any unlawful enforcement hamper your rights.

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A great theft charge defense can be the one where your attorney provides unmatched expertise and knowledge just like the attorneys found at The Law firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A. Know what our clients have to say.

Tangi Carter-Compassionate advocacy with a winning track record

  • Who-Tangi Carter is a former state and federal public defender with numerous successful trials. 
  • What– Specialized in Theft, Larceny, Grand Theft Auto, Shoplifting all over Mississippi.
  • How-Tangi has a compassionate yet aggressive approach while defending her clients. She puts all her efforts into getting you out of legal problems.
  • Experience– She stands with demonstrated experience in handling more than thousands of trials, sentencing, bail hearings, probations, and arraignments.

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