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Criminal records from the past can affect you at every phase of your life. A small mistake of getting involved in any sort of crime gets you into trouble for the rest of your life. A bad record with a criminal conviction or arrest will continue to have a negative impact until you expunge it. At The Law Firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A., we are your seasoned Mississippi Expungement Attorneys having an in-depth practice in expunging your criminal records. We eliminate the existence of your criminal record to help you live a good life.

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Expungement- Why do you need it sooner?

As your reliable MS expungement attorney, we acknowledge that you may have experienced an unfair criminal charge in the past. But do you know even after being declared as not guilty in the trial, your record will have your arrest information? This record will prevent you from getting admission into any school or dream job. You can face the difficulties such as:

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Failure in Employment

Every job that you apply for today has a screening process. It includes a background check of your criminal past. Your potential employer will screen your data from the police. A bad record from the past will affect your employment and the employer will reject your application. Expungement help you get your record clear for the general public to help you get your desired job role

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No admission to schools

When you have an existing criminal record, you will get admission to schools for your education. The institutions that provide you certification will screen your individuality before admission. An existing criminal record will prevent you from admissions to schools and universities that you desire. At The Law Firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A., we expunge your criminal record from the general public to help you get admission.

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Difficulty in renting property

Apart from schools and employers, landlords these days also verify your records before renting your property. With a criminal record, you will not get a clean identity certificate from the landlords. You can find it hard to rent out any property for production or residence. Our skilled MS Expungement Lawyer helps you Expungement of criminal records in Mississippi that gets you seamless property renting.

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Reputation damage

We, at The Law Firm of Tangi Carter & Associates P.A., believe that your criminal past must be private to the legal justice system only. A bad record accessible to any public forum or organization will always impact your reputation. Whether it is a job, education, or any other application, your criminal past can ruin your present and future. Don’t let a harsh past ruin your future too!

The Role of a MS expungement Lawyer

When you live with a criminal record, it becomes challenging in every stage of your life. Whether it is a drug offense, misdemeanor, or felony charge, every offense even after completing a sentence leaves a criminal record like a scar. At Tangi Carter & Associate P.A., we have seasoned Mississippi Expungement Lawyers to eliminate every legal issue in your Expungement and help you expunge your criminal record.

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How We Can Help

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Legal Expertise

At Tangi Carter & Associate P.A., our MS expungement Lawyer holds extensive experience in representing you for your expungement. We follow an aggressive approach to defend your record. Our attorneys file your petition for expungement with all the required details to obtain desirable results.

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Quick petition filing

We at Tangi Carter & Associate P.A., are aware of how crucial can be a job or educational opportunity. We deploy a skilled Mississippi Expungement Lawyer to quickly file your petition with all the necessary details. We file with thorough checks to ensure you get a favorable outcome at once.

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Customized Legal Strategy

At Tangi Carter & Associate P.A., we create a customized strategy around your expungement filing. Our seasoned Mississippi Expungement Attorney files every detail in your petition showing your complexity while earning your livelihood. This helps you get an easy expungement to start living a good life.

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