Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of questions that our clients frequently ask us:

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The seriousness of charges, along with case complexity decides the time. Our Attorneys have to defend you against the evidence of prosecutors which may take time.

After your arrest with any charges, you should never speak without any lawyer at your side. You can only say a statement that says “I want to discuss this with my lawyer”.

It is a formal primary proceeding that takes place before a court in criminal cases.

When you get arrested with any charge, bail can help you get out of police custody. A Bail is offered in return for a pledge or money.

Yes, you must hire an attorney to get your child custody.

You must get in touch with an attorney first when you face an injury or a mishap. They will help you get the required compensation.

Yes, you can hire an attorney before getting arrested. The involvement of a lawyer from the initial stage makes it easier for you.

Yes! The police will not search your property. They can’t search without a warrant. But in cases when they ask for searching and you say yes. You give them the consent.

Yes, you require a lawyer even if you are charged for the first time. A lawyer can help you get a total reduction of charges.

If you have a family dispute, you can hire a lawyer to help you.