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Habitual Traffic Offender

Habitual Traffic offender

Getting charged as a Habitual Traffic Offender in Indiana has several consequences. It can affect your driver’s record and lead to the suspension of your license. Your driver’s record is also a critical document that every insurance company evaluates to offer rates for you. You also have to be a part of a mandatory driver safety program. All these violation charges for any Habitual Traffic Violator can be harassing. We, at Gil Berry Law, understand the reasons behind your speeding tickets. Sometimes an emergency can also be a reason for a traffic violation. We, at Gil Berry Law, bring those details to the court’s focus. Our Indiana Traffic Lawyers have more than 15 years of experience in defending Habitual Traffic Violators. Our attorneys strive to achieve a clean driver’s record for you.

Protect your driver’s record with seasoned Indiana Traffic Lawyers

Indiana is known for its firm traffic regulations. Any type of violation can be overwhelming for you. Some violations are just harsher than others. On the other hand, repeated violations can also lead to license suspension and penalties. In such cases, paying a high penalty won’t help you clean your record. Rather, you need a seasoned Indianapolis Traffic Lawyer who can protect your driver’s record. At Gil Berry Law, We have experienced Indianapolis Traffic Violations Attorney to preserve your driving privileges. We have come up with a robust and valid defense strategy to reduce your tickets. We know all the required procedures to keep your record clean. With 15 years of experience in litigation services, we implement the tactics that can defend your rights. When we represent you, we don’t consider your charges reduction. We strive to clear all your records and upkeep your driver’s reputation. We serve you all over Indiana in saving you from traffic violation charges.

Wide range of traffic violation charges we defend you from

We offer robust representation to all our clients facing a wide range of traffic violation charges that include:

At Gil Berry Law, we are aware of the stress of protecting your record and license. We bring you detailed attention to defending your traffic violation charges. Our attorneys are well-versed with the moves to implement for minor or major violation charges. We offer similar attention to the violation charges that we offer to any criminal defense. This assures you a desired outcome in your traffic violation defense.

Our aggressive defense approach

We know that despite the penalties, traffic violations can be stressful. You can also face serious consequences if you are a repeat offender. We have developed a client-centric approach to defense that offers ease of communication while defending.

Early consultation

We will collaborate as earliest as possible to find out every favorable circumstance for you. We ensure confidential consultation to protect your privacy.

Comprehensive research

Our Indiana Traffic Tickets Lawyers are also legal researchers. They find out in-depth understanding of your case to bring every possible detail that can support you.

Client-specific strategy

We create our defense strategy keeping you in mind. We make sure our tactics can offer complete protection to your rights.

Aggressive representation

We have attorneys at your service who have served for more than 15 years. Our seasoned legal thinking offers you aggressive representation to reduce your charges.

Apparent communication

From the initial stage of your defense, we strive to keep the communication authentic. We believe in clean communication and empower our thoughts to defend your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • No, in any general case, police cannot search or investigate for drugs without a warrant. This is because every citizen has the right to the fourth amendment. This is the right that protects you against any unreasonable search. However, if any police discover the paraphernalia on sight, they may not require a warrant.

Yes, you can get charged with DUI. This is because you are impaired to drive. You must not be on the wheels. Any drugs that take the ability to drive can get you a DUI.

  • Yes! You need Indiana Traffic Lawyers for traffic violations. It would be more advantageous if you are a Habitual Traffic Violator. They can defend you, reduce your charges and protect you from your license getting suspended.
  • Yes, in the cases where the fines are high, you can defend. An Indianapolis Traffic Lawyer will defend you for reducing your charges.
  • In Indiana, when you apply for a driving license and successfully get it, you are giving your consent for a breath test at any time asked.
  • The charges can remain for an indefinite time. However, if you are charged with license suspension for 2 years, they will stop counting.

Get your driver’s record clean! Get in touch with us to get a strategic defense for your case.